Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Hope and Change Looks Like - Liberal Logic 101: A Course Outline!

This course is designed in giving you, our reader, a more clearer understanding and awareness of the Liberal mind!  If I sound condescending forgive me, I am just prepping you for insight in the liberal mind.

Let's begin with our feckless leader, Obama.  In a desperate effort to garner a deal with Iran to save a "legacy", Obama negotiates with the Mullahs whom are known financial backers of terrorism, considers the people of Israel descendants of apes and pigs, and considers the United States the great Satan, and you and I Infidels!  Yet, Obama feels in his myopic wisdom, that negotiating with Iran is a good idea.......Liberal Logic

In a very insidious way, Obama and his minions, undermine the only real coherent voice in the Middle East, Benjamin Netanyahu by sending campaign underlings to support Isaac Herzog who was opposing BiBi.  As if Chicago style politics were not good enough within American borders,  no,no,no, this community organizer tries to branch out globally and spread his leftist ideology because BiBi doesn't fit the narrative and is interfering with the stellar Iranian negotiations...... Liberal Logic.

And then, there's John Kerry....You know the Vietnam war veteran that every American could be proud of.....NOT.  This is a man who thinks that when Charlie Hebdo was attacked in Paris and lives were lost by ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS, He felt that the best thing America could offer was James Taylor serenading the country.

Now we have Hillary Clinton, seemingly embroiled in yet another scandal, Email-gate!  Did she sign the agreement or not.  A very simple question, but one State department spokeswoman and full-time liar could not or would not answer for over 2 weeks.

As Hillary stated in her press conference, her email was used for personal reasons as well as State Department affairs, and because of what she has already turned over, we the people will not see anymore of her emails as she so eloquently stated.

Unless of course she is subpoenaed by a congressional oversight committee, and then Conservatives looking for the truth will be labeled as head hunters by Hillary's supporters....... Liberal Logic

Friends, we live in a society where some people who drive their Prius to Starbucks order a Half-Caff Soy Latte and read the New York Times and place so much attention to detail in doing such activities, but cannot or will not recognize the rights of the unborn!   .......Liberal Logic

Friends, we live in a society where if a white police officer were assaulted by a black man and the officer shoots and kills him after he, the black man just committed a strong armed robbery and the facts prove the officer was justified, we are racists if we support the police!  .....Liberal Logic

When Christians are persecuted globally and God is offensive domestically and radical Muslim extremists can run rampant and cause destruction without any consequences, we are not only being subjected to Liberal Logic. 

However, we run the risk of being subjected to the ramifications of the Liberal elite ideology!  I hope this somehow delineated some of the blatant stupidity that this great nation has been subjected to, perhaps given you course outline into the feeble world of Liberal Logic!

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