Tuesday, July 19, 2016

When a Potential First Lady "RickRolls" America . . . #BeckyWithTheBorrowedSpeech

by Kim D.

It was an easy speech to write.  Compared with all the other wives of Republican primary candidates, Melania Trump has one of the more interesting stories to tell. As an immigrant, she can attest to the beauty of embracing the principles of freedom and living the American Dream. Unfortunately, her convention speech was eerily similar to one given by the current FLOTUS in 2008.

Today many are wondering who was the writer who helped Melania with this important speech and, more importantly, who, exactly, added the classic "RickRoll."

According to the Trump campaign, Melania had a team of writers helping her craft the perfect speech to introduce her formally as the next potential First Lady. If so, they failed her as did her husband.

Just when I feel my stubborn defenses slipping and wavering on embracing the inevitable Republican candidate, the campaign does another boneheaded thing that brings on another wave of depressing reality. The Trump campaign is a complete clown show, and the party of Lincoln and Reagan is long gone.

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