Saturday, July 16, 2016

A bad case of Blue State Stupid

By Mouser the King Cat

In Gloucester, Massachusetts, a city of about 30,000 on the North Shore, George Allen runs a bait-and-tackle shop that offers other services, such as knife sharpening and lawnmower repairs. He recently hung out a sign with a simple message: WE SELL AMMO.

That set the local Boston Globe correspondent to sniffing and sure enough he found a mini-controversy, mostly about the fact the sign was posted shortly after the Orlando terrorist incident. Nearby resident Mandy Davis confronted Mr. Allen in his store and accused him in the paper of “taking an opportunity to blast his politics in a violent way.” Another local resident, Carolin Catalano said, “There’s no need for a gun here. I have no need at all.” She called the sign “really horrible.”
It must be nice to live in such a safe enclave. Many of us don’t feel that way. Don’t get me started on that Second Amendment stuff liberals find so pesky.
Hysteria aside, Mr. Allen has had a permit to sell ammunition for eight years and made a business decision to offer it now. “It’s there to sell ammo. I put it up so people know about my business, just like any business.” From the article: Allen said he didn’t intend to antagonize anyone and he doesn’t understand why people would be offended. He said after a mass shooting is the precise time people should be "reminded that you can protect yourself." 
It probably wasn’t the Globe’s intent, but the story about Mr. Allen and Gloucester Supply Center was better than a bought-and-paid-for ad. We wish him well and remind him to keep an eye on that yellow-and-black sign, lest it sneak out in the middle of the night and scare the townsfolk.
There is stupid, and then there is Blue State Stupid, a special strain.

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