Thursday, June 9, 2016

The law is whatever the EEOC says it is

Prime Inc. is a trucking company that offers flatbed, refrigerated and tanker shipping. It’s based in Springfield, Missouri, has been around 35+ years and is the 20th-largest hauler in the country, according to Overdrive magazine’s website.

As do all trucking outfits, it must continually train and orient new drivers. Because of a lawsuit brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it decided in 2004 that female drivers had to be trained by other women. Sexual harassment, you know.

I’m not sure this is what John F. Kennedy envisioned when he created the forerunner of this agency, busier than ever in a society that glorifies victimhood. 

Another carrier took a similar case to the Supreme Court. More from Overdrive: 

The amount at stake is nearly $5 million. Will the EEOC refuse to pay up, saying it doesn’t answer to the Supreme Court? Congress needs to rein in these bureaucrats, but shows no will. We wonder why too few people have decent jobs. After reading this, would you want to start a company?

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