Thursday, June 16, 2016

No Agenda - Just Compassion #OrlandoProud #PulseNightclub

by Kim D.

It's rare to see a "feel-good" story these days, and during the 2016 political season, few such stories of kindness absent agenda will be mentioned, much like Chick fil A's immediate response to the Pulse Night Club shooting.

However another one is circulating today - grab a tissue. After the tragic shooting in Orlando, one grandmother had to travel to be with family. Jet Blue employees and a plane full of strangers showed her compassion beyond compare. One Jet Blue employee, Kelly Davis Karas, shared the story on Facebook:
Okay - so the part about mass assault weapons is a tad ignorant and could be considered an agenda, but I don't think that motivated this flight attendant's post. And . . . well, to cut the last two paragraphs would be rather agendish on my part.

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