Friday, May 6, 2016

Peeping Perv Strikes at Target

by Kim D.

Hold up! We were told this couldn't happen. How in the hell could a guy record an underage girl in a Target dressing room? Oh wait - that's right - Target said he could.
Police are searching for a ‘peeping tom’ who used his cell phone to record video of an underage girl inside a Frisco Target dressing room. Investigators say the suspect put his cell phone over the wall of a female changing room and shot video of the girl.
In order to be the cool kid on the discount store block, Target recently changed its privacy rules in solidarity with transgendered persons. It doesn't matter what equipment you were born with, you can use any bathroom or dressing room you wish. Evidently a Texas perv found this recent policy change to his liking.
Put a sock in it you fruity liberal bastards. Opposition to such policies was never about punishing transgendered persons. It was to avoid targeting women and children from sickos who will use every opportunity given to satisfy their depraved needs.

Those quick to claim a pervert will do perverty things no matter despite laws are missing the point. Such policies like this will give them a legal pass to be in what should be safe spaces in intimate settings. 

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