Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Does Facebook really have this kind of clout?

Facebook, the class reunion you can never escape from, apparently is more important in Washington than anyone thought. (Do not infer anything positive about CEO Mark Zuckerberg from that.) From the CNN Money website:

This is easily addressed. First point: Facebook would eliminate every conservative thought from its pages if it had the personnel or algorithms to do so and thought it would not kick up a company-destroying backlash. That is how liberals like Zuckerberg think. Second point: What business does the government have poking around in this stuff? Nobody pays a fee to join Facebook, except agreeing to have ads shoved in your face. It is a private conveyance; anybody who doesn’t like how it may be manipulated is free to leave. Noted First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams agrees with me: 

More from Thune, who really should spend more time looking out for South Dakota: 

The unceasing diet of liberal pablum served up by the media (including outlets like “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central and Stephen Colbert’s disaster of a late-night show on CBS) no doubt influence the opinions of some. I contend that number is far smaller than people think. It likely is the same for Facebook and Twitter; my Twitter followers have exceeded 3,000, and all of them think for themselves.

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