Saturday, May 21, 2016

"Ah, yes. Yet another way to show we care," purred the P.C. Domme to the P.C. Whipped

Ready for another example of the Politically Correct Dommes and Dominatrices (PCDs) getting their whip on in their quest to get more to be P.C.Whipped?  First it started with teachers who were giving carte blanche to teach our children how to be a good, caring liberal; after all, it takes a village, right? 

Now the PCDs are cutting docs' pay and asking them to add teaching gun safety? Really? Are there no limits to what these PCDs will do to force me to show I care for you? Doctors have a hard enough time drilling down to what is ailing a body, and now they are being told they have a "broader societal obligation to improve population health"  by teaching gun safety as well because, after all, some folks get hurt by guns. I'm getting ready to repeat myself here: Really?

Why not ladder safety? Tub safety? Knife safety? Hammer safety? Walking-in-the-yard safety?  You know what? Let's go whole hog here on the safety thing and include gin-and-tonic-making safety. 

Sheesh. Good grief. 

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