Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pat Roberts' Ringtone Interrupts Senate Hearing. "Let It Go"

Who says members of the Senate aren't quick or don't have a sense  of humor? However, maybe someone should set a rule about "turning off cell phones before hearings."  OOOPS  Although 78-year-old Senator Roberts' ringtone selection and reaction to it did make for great comic relief during the Senate Finance Committee hearings.

I'm sure that many cell phones will be turned off, from this point on, thanks to Senator Roberts, but I'm pretty sure the interruption was seen as a welcome relief to a monotonous hearing. Sure, this was a kid's cartoon, but it did have some great music in it, and a lot of adults ran with this catchy song:


So, why shouldn't a Senator have fun with it too?  We only live once folks, enjoy the great things in life and whatever's weighing you down at the moment, "let it go."

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